ELAERA is the result of Barbalia’s long experience in the field of olive oil production. The precious olive fruit could not but to be a source of inspiration and the basis for any new activity.

Our soaps are made exclusively from organic vigin olive oil Barbalias, enriched with chamomile and linden, which are the main ingredients, in a proportion above 50%.

The method used is the cold process, wherein the ingredients are heated at mild temperatures instead of being boiled. Vegetable oils are used in abundance, exceeding by far the theoretically required rate of 10%, thus adding to the pure natural nature of our soaps..

Pure, natural, different...
• The soap is made naturally and contains natural ingredients
• Cold process allows all the ingredients to preserve their properties, thus keeping the benefits of the soap made intact.
• Superfatting in a proportion of 10% allows the vegetable oils to be present in the finished soap making it more moisturizing.
• At the last step of the saponification, extra vegetable oils are added in order to achieve the best result.
• We let the soap mature and dry on its own time.
A unique combination...
Organic virgin olive oil + chamomile - linden
Rich in vitamins A,E,K.
A source of trace elements Ca, Fe, K, Na, Zn, Cu, Mn, Se.
High in aminoacids and squalene.

• Nourishes and protects the skin.
• Protects the skin from UV rays and oxidation.
• Increases collagen, elastin and keratin production
• A very effective antioxidant.

Rich in tannins, flavonoids, copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C.
• Intiseptic action.
• Relaxing, provides comfort from muscle spasms.
• Helps soothe itchy, irritated.
• Moisturizing and helps with xeroderma.
• Suitable for gentle cleansing of sensitive skin.