From ancient times up to nowadays…

The olive tree has been the ultimate Mediterranean tree, coexisting with the Mediterranean people, directly connected with their culture and all aspects of their everyday life. It has held a key role in their financial activities, religious practices, believes and customs. It has been a big part in their lives and of course in their diet priorities.

It has indisputable beneficial properties…
it is beneficial to the growth of the central nervous system, the brain bone structure and the vascular system, as well as to the children’s growth.
it contains Monounsaturated fatty acids, which help the body synthesize lipids, a great source of energy for human cells.
it helps to assimilate vitamins.
it slows down the aging process thanks to the fatty acids and vitamin E that it contains.
it benefits the gastrointestinal system. Frequent consumption is associated with improvement of digestion and proper function of the intestine.
It contains almost 200 minor components, one group of them being the phytosterols, which lower bad cholesterol and have an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effect.
It has a role in combating serious health conditions, such as heart diseases, diabetes and skin diseases.
It helps control blood pressure.