For 67 years, we have been producing and packaging extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. A genuine olive juice of fruity aroma, concise taste and a gold green color that only the Greek land can offer.

Resided in Aidonia of Nemea Korinthos, our company has a vertical production unit (oil mill) and packaging and standardization unit, where the olive oil is produced directly and only mechanically using cold extraction.

Our many years of experience, endless enthusiasm, the respect towards the primary earth materials and the consumer constitute the main characteristics of our company’s philosophy and practice.


Certified according to HACCP and ISO and through continuous laboratory testing and strict controls, we ensure the highest production and safety standards for our products.

These certifications constitute the cornerstone of our success, as they prove our company’s high standards and thus our product’s high nutritional value, as it preserves its organoleptic and nutritional ingredients to the full.