Agiorgitiko Wine - green apple
Grape seed oil, castor oil & vegetable oils mixture

Discover its beneficiary properties and let the grape seed oil restore the firmness of your skin. The density and the strength of the connective tissue are enhanced and the tired skin gets revived.

Grape seed oil
Rich in vitamins Α, Β1,Β2,Β6 and Ε. Very rich in Linoleic Acid.
• Restore skin cells and tissue.
• Provides deep hydration.
• Helps skin tightening.
• Acts against skin aging
Points of sale

Mariposa - Beauty Salon - Narkisson 2 – Neo Iraklio

Sin & Dimiourgia - Grocery Store Sarafi 7-9 - Nea Makri

Viktoria - Wellness center / Cosmetics & candles - Skala Patmos

Weight 200-220 gr